The team at GS Verde Corporate Finance provides corporate finance services in the following areas:


Buy a Business

Whether you are a prolific corporate acquirer, or starting your buy and build strategy to grow your business, identifying the right target and negotiating the best deal structure for you is crucial.


Sell a Business

Selling your business can be a lengthy process, but you can never start planning too soon. Ensure your business is in the right position to be sold, and reduce the risk of issues arising that could cause the sale to fall through.


Raise Funding

Our team have experience and expertise in private equity, venture capital, angel, and high net worth investment alongside more traditional funding routes such as bank and commercial finance.

Corporate Finance Services

The team at GS Verde Corporate Finance also provides corporate finance services in the following areas:



There are multiple methods that can be used to value a business, and this will depend on the nature of your company and the industry.

Our team has an extensive range of resources available to determine a realistic and reliable valuation for your business, no matter what sector your business is in.


Due Diligence

Financial due diligence should be carried out across historic and current information, as well as the interrogation and corroboration of forecast data.

Testing projections against market trends and data is key to a thorough due diligence process. GS Verde Corporate Finance's detailed procedures will enable us to analyse all relevant data and identify key risk areas.


Financial Forecasting

At GS Verde Corporate Finance we are highly experienced in creating detailed and integrated financial forecasts for all your business needs.

Our team will assess and analyse both the company and sector's current and historic performance to anticipate realistic forecasts for your company.



Grant funding is a specialist area and is subject to several eligibility criteria. Funding is often limited, so having the right advice and support with your application can be a crucial factor in maximising the chances of a successful application.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in assisting businesses with accessing grant funding and can help you achieve your business grant funding goals.

GS Verde Corporate Finance is part of the GS Verde Group, a multi discipline group supporting businesses from start to finish on corporate transactions such as raising investment, mergers & acquisitions and business sales.

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