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Selling your business will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Ensuring you have the right advisors in place is essential.

You can never start planning too soon. Being prepared will ensure you have time to find the right sale structure, ensure the business is in the right position to be sold, and reduce the risk of issues arising.

GS Verde are experts in business sales, with our team providing end-to-end support, including providing an accurate business valuation, targeting buyers, and advising on sale structure.

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Services We Provide

  • Valuation
  • Sales Collateral
  • Buyer Identification
  • Reverse Due Diligence
  • Sale Structure
  • Completion

GS Verde Corporate Finance is part of the GS Verde Group, a multi discipline group supporting businesses from start to finish on corporate transactions such as raising investment, mergers & acquisitions and business sales.

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Sell a Business


The importance of an accurate valuation
With a professional valuation, you can determine the value of your business based on reliable data and tangible metrics. By valuing your business with the GS Verde Corporate Finance, you will receive:

  • Expert advice using the latest data sources
  • Reliable figures that stand up to scrutiny in negotiations
  • Benchmarking against latest industry multiples
  • Guidance from experienced valuations experts

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Sell a Business
Sell a Business

Buyer Identification

From marketing a business for sale, to evaluating interested parties, there are many routes to identifying the right buyer. At GS Verde, our team's reach is vast. We span the entire business sales spectrum, with access to considerable pools of buyers as well as extensive marketplaces of acquisitive parties.

GS Verde's expert team guides sellers through the buyer identification process, ensuring your business is seen by potential buyers that align with your succession goals, to help develop a synergistic relationship throughout the transaction.

Reverse Due Diligence

When preparing to sell your business, reverse due diligence is a crucial process of objectively reviewing and assessing the business to determine its current condition.

At GS Verde, our experts look to identify and plug any exposed areas of risk, whilst updating or implementing new contracts, terms, and policies.

Carrying out this process helps to mitigate the risk of potential buyers' ability to negotiate on commercial terms of the deal.

Sell a Business