Grants and Funding

Loans & Grants

There are various funding routes available to businesses, and understanding each option allows business owners to make informed decisions.

Grants are usually awarded based on specific criteria, which may consider the sector, location, purpose of the funding or growth stage of the business.

As grants do not need to be repaid, they can be a viable solution for small or new businesses in need of capital. Alternatively, loans to start a business are available - these are calculated and approved based on a business' financial history.

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Considering Business Funding Options

Much like other funding options, the most suitable type of business grant depends on what the capital will be used for.

Grants can be used to finance research and innovation, new equipment, resources, or training, often regarding a particular project or business aim.

GS Verde's experienced advisors can also support you to find and secure alternative funding routes that are the right fit for your business transaction, whether it be an acquisition, EOT or MBO.

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Grants and Funding
Grants and Funding

How to apply for Grant Funding

Grant schemes typically have limited funding available, often with detailed eligibility criteria and high competition from other applications. It's therefore crucial that you have optimal expertise on hand to maximise the chances of a successful application.

At GS Verde, our team will utilise over 20 years of expertise and knowledge to optimise your grant and funding applications. From assisting with business grants to sourcing other types of funding, with access to our extensive finance funding pool you can be sure no opportunity would be missed and all suitable avenues explored.

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Grants and Funding