Financial Forecasting

What is Financial Forecasting?

Financial forecasting is the process of estimating a business' future financial position. Combining historical information with financial projections provides a comprehensive and realistic indication of future results for your company.

There are several types of financial forecasting models: GS Verde can provide guidance on which will suit your forecast requirements, whether to support a finance raise, assess an acquisition or track business performance.

Forecasting Requirements

With the full picture of the business' financial performance, a financial forecast gives you the ability to make informed decisions about the future. These could include the viability of funding a new project or taking on more staff.

Financial forecasting can also provide further insights for investors or acquirers ahead of a finance raise or when preparing for sale, demonstrating stability based on previous financial history. By identifying a clear set of key performance indicators (KPIs), a forecast can provide metrics by which to assess your business' performance, giving more accurate results and giving you peace of mind when planning a possible exit strategy.

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Financial Forecasting
Financial Forecasting

Financial Modelling Expertise

Working with the GS Verde Corporate Finance team, you will gain expert advice from experienced specialists, utilising the latest data sources to provide quality financial modelling services.

If you require financial risk modelling, our team's advanced financial modelling expertise means that we can provide you with reliable figures that stand up to scrutiny and set you up for a successful outcome

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Financial Forecasting