Business Valuation

Why do you need a business valuation?

Whether a start-up or an established corporation, understanding what your business is worth helps to maintain and improve its value in the long term.

Through a professional valuation, you get a clear picture of the business' overall performance. This aids your general financial reporting and planning, will provide an overall asset valuation and be useful for tax purposes.

A business valuation is also necessary ahead of a reorganisation of assets or an M&A transaction, so it is a worthwhile exercise as part of your succession plans.

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How do you value your business?

There are several valuation methods used to calculate the overall value of a business. Some involve an evaluation of fixed assets or calculating earnings multiples.

Other options include a comparable analysis, which looks at the value of similar businesses in size, revenue and other characteristics, or forming a business creation calculation based on the market entry value.

Our expert corporate finance advisors can advise you on the methods most suited to your business and goals.

Business Valuation
Business Valuation

Why get a professional valuation?

Getting an independent assessment of your business' value gives you a reliable and realistic figure from which you can determine future objectives and use it to benchmark against other businesses.

Whether buying or selling a business, a professional valuation can add immeasurable benefits by identifying areas for improvement or further opportunities. With an invaluable breadth of experience, GS Verde provides expert analysis and understanding of the facts and figures behind the valuation to support your business growth.

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Are you considering an exit? Do you want to know how much your business is worth or how it benchmarks against others? Using our free digital valuation tool, you can obtain an indicative business valuation in a matter of minutes.

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Business Valuation