Grants are available throughout the UK to support businesses that are investing in capital investment, job creation and safeguarding, research and development and training.

How we can help:

Support is available from a number of different sources including regional funding from the Welsh Government and national funding from organisations such as Innovate UK.

The Verde team has over 20 years' experience of assisting businesses with accessing grant funding and we can assist with

  • Identifying the most appropriate grant scheme to target
  • Advising on the amount of grant to apply for
  • Developing an appropriate need for grant funding
  • Assisting with the grant application process and preparing the supporting information
  • Reviewing the terms and conditions of any grant offer

Grant funding is a specialist area and grants are subject to a number of eligibility criteria. Funding is often limited so having the right advice and support with your application can be a crucial factor in maximising the chances of a successful application, that's where the Verde team can help.

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