Trade Sale

Selling the business you have spent years developing can be quite a lengthy and emotional process. Finding the right buyer and securing the right price all takes time. Ideally preparing for a sale should be done a few years ahead of the sale to make sure your business is presented and prepared to achieve the best possible valuation.

How we can help:

Verde have helped many owners successfully sell their companies, so we have considerable experience in preparing businesses for sale and securing a buyer. We have connections with a number of buyers who are waiting for the right business to acquire, which can speed up the process.

We will review the business, carry out an extensive research exercise into the market in order to reach a fair valuation for the business, identify appropriate target buyers for the business and approach them on your behalf with a detailed pitch document to draw their attention to key selling points within the business. We will also assist with any meetings, follow up queries from buyers and help to negotiate the offers and deal structure to achieve the outcome desired for your business.

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