Unsecured Lending

At Verde, we proudly partner with multiple lenders including Caple International, who are a renowned supporter of SME's by addressing the funding gap. Caple is able to offer unsecured loans (no personal guarantees, debentures or warrants) from £500k to £5m, across 5 to 8 years at a reasonable 6% to 12% fixed interest rate. The loans can be used to fund working capital, management buyouts/ins, acquisitions, and general growth.

How we can help:

At Verde we have completed a number of successful funding raises with Caple, building a strong relationship with them and a unique knowledge of their requirements for the loans. We are able to quickly assess if your business would fit the criteria and if so, secure an indicative offer before proceeding with the application. Once confirmed we can then prepare and complete the entire application on your behalf ready for Caple's committee to review.

Once submitted we oversee and continually manage the raise right up to the drawdown stage and beyond. If required, we are able to support with reports on-going to Caple once the funding has been secured.

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Unsecured Lending

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