Asset Based Lending

If your business doesn't quite meet the typical criteria for a traditional business loan it doesn't mean you are out of options. Asset based lending allows you to purchase while minimising impact on your cash flow.

How we can help:

There are a number of different types of asset based lending.
Some of the options are:

Asset based
If you need new equipment, machinery or a physical asset, you can often finance them rather than dipping into your business' cash to buy them outright. The two most popular asset options are hire purchase and leasing. Hire purchase allows you to own the asset at the end of the agreement, while leasing involves the funder owning the item and you leasing it from them. You can also refinance existing assets you own to release some funds into the business if needed.

Invoice finance
Rather than waiting for invoices to be paid, which can cause a strain on your cash flow, you can raise funds against a selected invoice, or a number of invoices - against which the funder will release the funds to your account within 24 hours. You can even raise funds against contracts, licences and retainers you have agreed.

Additional options
There are also options for financing against stock, exporting and international trade and revolving credit facilities which are all available to many businesses to lessen the strain on the day to day cash position of the business.

At Verde we are highly experienced in identifying the right fit and bringing the opportunities to your attention in order to help your business thrive. We are well connected to many providers so are positioned to help you secure the best deal.

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