Research and Development Tax Relief

If your business is researching or developing any innovative technology or science, you could be eligible to claim research and development tax relief back from the HMRC. Quite often businesses under-estimate this relief and think they do not qualify, however, many more businesses qualify than you might expect.

How we can help:

We have successfully helped a number of businesses across a range of sectors showing that many industries can secure R&D relief. The relief is currently the equivalent to 33% of the money you spend on the R&D activity, which could quickly amount to you claiming back thousands of pounds. If you think your business may fit the criteria, or if you would like to find out if it does, it is always worth a quick discussion with us to find out. If eligible, we will help calculate the claim on your behalf and complete an extensive and detailed report for the HMRC to ensure the request has every chance of success.

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