Outsourced Finance Director

When a business is growing, expanding or investment has been secured it is ideal to have a financial director on the board to support and advise the organisation on any strategic changes and progress. However, an in-house financial director with the required level of experience can be quite a costly overhead to have within the team.

How we can help:

At GS Verde Corporate Finance we provide a number of companies with our expertise by outsourcing one of our senior staff members as a financial director. We will sit in on board meetings and join any required meetings to provide our expertise and support when needed. This enables you to call upon us when needed as though you have an internal financial director but without the hefty overhead.

As part of this service, we prepare monthly management packs for your board meetings. The packs display, in a clear and easy to read format, the company's performance to date and how it compares to the anticipated performance. This enables you to stay on top of exactly what you need to focus on to meet the financial objectives ahead of the financial year end and gives you more control over meeting your company's set objectives.

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